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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mac Lipstick Collection

 I feel as though this is one of the most typical beauty blogger posts, which I was yet to do myself. However I figured it was only right that I shared with you my Mac lipstick collection. Mac are hands down my favourite brand of lipsticks and so far I have a grand total of 14 although I'm always happy to buy more. As you can tell I'm quite the fan of a nude and it seems I have the perfect selection in which I have a lipstick to compliment every look I create. With that in mind I am very pleased with my ever growing collection and I hope you enjoy this post! Also, if there's a lipstick I dont have that you think I'd love please let me know :)


I bought this lipstick around the time of the Kylie Jenner nude lip craze and it's probably one of my most worn shades. It's a browny nude on my lips and personally I like to wear it with something like 'Honeylove' in the centre to lighten it a little. It's a matte that is super comfortable on the lips and has great staying power. When I want a bolder nude lip this is always my go-to. The one thing i particularly love about Mac lipstick are that they fade evenly which is something I find important especially when wearing darker colours. 


Twig lipstick has a gorgeous satin-finish that applies softly as all mac lipsticks do, and it is very pigmented a rich in colour. Its color sits in the middle(not pale,not too brown,not peachy) so it's safe for everyday wear. I wear this lipstick alot when wearing a pink/ rose gold toned eye, like the naked 3 palette as I feel it compliments the look well. 


I bought this lipstick a few years ago after a recommendation from a beauty guru on youtube and initially  I thought it'd be too light for my skin tone and would give me that awful 'concealer lip' look however I couldn't have been more wrong. I feel like this is a standard muted nude that honestly pairs with every look which is why it is one of my absolute favourite lipsticks.  

Velvet Teddy

I'm pretty sure everybody owns this shade and for a good reason too. It was my first ever MAC lipstick and still one of my favourites to this day. An added bonus to Mac lipsticks is their sweet vanilla scent which makes the application even more enjoyable as they smell delicious. On me Velvet Teddy is quite a dark nude with a matte finish although it not the slightest bit drying on the lips. I believe this is a universal shade which would suit almost everyone and with that being said I would certainly recommend this lipstick.


This has become my everyday go to nude whenever I'm unsure what colour to wear on my lips. My brother kindly bought me this shade for christmas as it had been on my wishlist for a while. It's a beautiful pale pink that does have a slight grey tone to it so I use it with stone liner to enhance that aspect. It has a stunning demi-gloss finish and the formula is exceptionally pigmented and creamy whilst still being long lasting for a cream formula. 


Cherish is a matte peachy, warm brown nude. Once again, I love the finish. It feels so light and moisturizing on my lips, without having a sticky or uncomfortable texture. If you find 'Velvet Teddy' to be too dark for your complexion then I would most certainly recommend that you try this lipstick as it's a shade lighter which will compliment the fairer skin tones. 


I would describe Brave to be a medium dusty pink with hints of brown making it a great everyday muted shade for medium complexions especially. It more on the cooler tone with a satin finish. I bought this shade a while back when searching for my perfect pinky nude and it is a firm favourite in my collection. It's smooth to apply, long wearing and looks great with 'Soar' lip liner. 


When I first got this lipstick I wore it everyday for a solid 2 months. I find it to be so flattering on my skintone and it goes with every look i create. I would describe it as a rosey pink that is so easy to wear and looks great layered with other shades. I always feel comfortable while wearing this since it has a cremesheen finish. 


This is my newest Mac Lipstick that to be honest, I've only tried once however I did really enjoy it. It's a plum shade (as the name would describe) which I think will come in handy when I want to wear a brighter colour that it still somewhat subtle. The lustre finish is very easy to apply and looks very natural and effortless on the lips. 


I absolutely adore this lipstick! Mocha, on me is an orangey/peachy brown that I love to wear whenever I'm wearing a burnt orange smokey eye (such as morphe 35o). It is one of the most unique shades of brown I have come across and that's why I love it so much. It's highly pigmented which allows it to wear for 6-8 hours whilst always feeling comfortable and not the slightest bit drying. If you love wearing brown lipsticks and are looking a different shade of brown then you need to give this one a try. 


I ordered this lipstick after a recommendation from a friend although I have to say it's my least worn shade. 
I love its warm terracotta-plum shade itself nonetheless I just dont reach for it. Perhaps writing this post will encourage me to wear this colour more often. 

Russian Red

I got this lipstick around Christmas time as I felt I was missing a true red in my collection. I normally wear nudes everyday but on Christmas day at work I pulled out this red and decided to give it a try. I was worried the shade wouldnt suit me as it's not something I'm used to but with a simple eye look, it looked classy and beautiful. It's a comfortable matte to use that glides on the lips without tugging, and has great lasting power that fades easily leaving a slight stain on the lips. If you're looking for a classic red lipstick then I would suggest checking this one out.


This is another colour that my brother kindly got me for Christmas and when I first tried it I wasn't sure as it's a difficult shade to work with. With that being said, i believe it works well as a highlighting shade for the centre of the lips when wearing a darker colour such as 'Whirl'. 


Faux is a lovely shade that works well for all skin tones. It is a really pretty muted pink-nude color that I find to be perfect for everyday wear, especially topped off with some lip gloss. The satin finish is always a win, since it's neither too dry or creamy. I think it compliments any look, as long as it's more cool toned oriented as I feel it clashes with warm looks.

And that concludes my Mac Lipstick Collection....I hope you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat helpful. Like I said, let me know if you think there is a shade I am missing in my collection as a girl can never have too many lipsticks right?