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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Face Halo | First Impressions

Hey everyone, I'm back today with a first impressions post for you. 
I recently popped into Boots to have a sneaky look at their Christmas gifts and stumbled across the Face Halo. I'd never seen them in store before and had only heard about them through Chloe promoting her product on her Instagram.
This 'game-changing', echo friendly sponge is said to remove all your makeup by simply adding water and when hearing this my first thought was "How can a fluffy pad remove all makeup including stubborn mascara, with only water?". I wondered whether it was all a gimmick and something that had just been hyped about, so for that reason i had to give it a try.
So, how does it work? Adding water to the pad helps loosen your makeup allowing the 'halotech fibre strands' to reach deep into your pores and remove and trap makeup. This sponge is designed to be used gently on the skin meaning there is no need to rub or scrub however for heavier eye makeup you can hold the pad over the eyes for 10 seconds to break down the product. 
I paid £7 for one pad which I thought wasn't too bad since they claim you can get two hundred uses out of one product. They recommend that after every use you hand wash with soap and water and when cleaning your Face Halo in the washing machine you add it in with similar colours.

After a long day of working with a full face of makeup on, i arrived home and decided it was time to test out my Face Halo. After a few swipes I was pleasantly surprised! For some strange reason i was expecting the product not to work however it certainly removed my makeup and did it gently without irritating the skin. The pad soon went from a bright white to a shade of brown so i turned the pad over and used the clean side to test if there was any makeup left on my skin. The Face Halo did an extremely good job at removing makeup and works well as a quick fix in the evening, but according to the Face Halo there is no need to cleanse afterwards. As a beauty therapist i understand the importance of thoroughly cleansing the skin so i made sure to follow up with my facial wash afterwards. I feel that this product is a great alternative to the dreaded makeup wipes that millions of women still use but I would never use the Face Halo as my only cleanse. I think Chloe has created something quite revolutionary and i feel this product should be spoken about more. For those who find makeup wipes 'easier' than cleansing with a product and wash cloth, the Face Halo is a much better alternative. It's chemical free so wont dry the skin out as makeup wipes do and it would stop us throwing away billions of wipes a year (which take 100 years to decompose). 

My final thoughts?
I enjoyed using this product and will continue to use it as my first cleanse as it works wonders removing makeup. I think the Face Halo is ideal for travel or after a night out and I would absolutely recommend that if you haven't tried it that you give it a go. 

Are there any other products or tools that you would love to see me review? Let me know in the comments below. 

With love,