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Thursday, 29 December 2016

My Mac Blush Collection

I'm here today to show you my MAC blush collection! These blushers are my absolute favourites and are very well loved in my entire blusher collection. 

  • Well Dressed. This was my first blusher by Mac and I discovered it during its  moment on YouTube when all the beauty gurus raved about it. It's a gorgeous light baby pink, that is great if you want a flush of pink on the cheeks.
  • Mocha. This is an extremely realistic, "flushed" looking blush that I would describe as the perfect pink with neutral/slightly mauve undertones.
  • Desert Rose. In my eyes this is a beautiful dusky rose pink that looks neutral without being too overly pink. It's very pigmented and a little goes a long way so there's no need for a heavy hand. 
  • Plum Foolery. It's a plum toned blush with a touch of pink and shimmer. I normally like just a flush of colour on my cheeks however I surprisingly love this shade. I do have to be careful not to overdo it because it's highly pigmented.  I adore this in the autumn time especially paired with Twig lipstick. 
  • Pinch Me. It’s a medium-toned matte rosy brown. The blush is certainly buildable and easy to apply. Though this is a sheertone blush, it is still quite pigmented.  
  • Margin.I would describe this as a sheer shimmery peach blush that goes with every makeup look I do. It gives the skin an effortless glow and it has such a creamy texture. 
  • Melba. Melba is a warm peachy colour that is great on every skin tone, it just warms up your complexion beautifully. Since it is a matte finish, it is very pigmented, easily applied and smooth.

 I hope you enjoyed reading about my small (but continuously growing) collection of MAC blushers! What's your favourite MAC blush?

With love,

Friday, 23 December 2016

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection

Ever since Makeup Geek launched in the UK (all thanks to Beauty Bay), I have assembled quite the collection. I am a huge lover of Beauty Bay and recommend their website to everyone. I have made many orders to collect this amount of eyeshadows and in total i have 69 colours. I store all my Makeup Geek eyeshadows in the Extra Large Z Palettes which I also purchased off Beauty Bay. I havent done swatches purely for the fact it would take me absolutely ages however I'm sure you can find plenty of swatches elsewhere online. With that being said I hope you enjoy this post nonetheless and let me know if you have any of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows, and what are your faves?

Row 1:
Shimma Shimma
Beaches & Cream
Peach Smoothie
Creme Brulee

Row 2:
Barcelona Beach
Cocoa Bear
Fortune Teller
Magic Act
Gold Digger

Row 3:
Starry Eyed
In the Spotlight

Row 4: 
Mango Tango 
Flame Thrower 
Cherry Cola

Row 5:
Petal Pusher

Row 1:
White Lies
Prom Night 

Row 2:
Chit Chat
Caitlin Rose 

Row 3:
Drama Queen

Row 4:
Boo Berry
Time Travel
Center Stage
Dirty Martini 
Enchanted Forest

Row 5:
Concrete Jungle 
High Wire 

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post on my Makeup Geek eyeshadow collection. Like i said, let me know your opinion on Makeup Geek eyeshadows and what are your favourite shades? Also, how would you feel about an eyeshadow palette collection. I'm quite the fan of a palette, but who isn't right? 

With love, 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Brand Focus | MAC Cosmetics

I began this series on my blog a while back in which I discussed my favourite products from one certain brand. My previous brand focus was on NARS and today I figured I would talk about MAC.
 MAC was in fact the first high end brand that I'd ever tried and since then after discovering a variety of other brands its still one of my go-to's. So without further-ado here are my favourite MAC Cosmetics products.

Studio Fix Foundation
I first purchased this foundation 3 years ago and it was in fact my first ever high end makeup item. I have gone through a large handful of bottles of this and I continue to repurchase it over and over again. It's a natural matte finish with great coverage. It works especially well on normal to oily skin and is very long wearing. The only downside to this product is that you have to purchase the pump separately however that can be overlooked because of the fact I love it so much.

Studio Fix Powder
In my opinion this is a classic powder that everyone needs to try at least once. I bought this powder just after the studio fix foundation as they are known for complimenting each other well and it became my everyday powder for years. It makes your skin look flawless and it sets your foundation with an extra layer of coverage. It isn't cakey or drying on the skin and ensures my makeup lasts all day. After using it for 3 years I've only just had to buy my second one which suggests it lasts a long time. 

Mineralised Skinfinish in 'Soft & Gentle'
I bought this highlighter just after Mac changed their packaging and it's been a favourite in my collection.  This is a cult classic and one of the oldest highlights on the market. It's a glittery neutral champagne that is very buildable and can go from a light highlight to a full glam glow. When sunlight hits your face, you instantly look fresh and dewy. The compact will last you a long time as a little goes a long way.
Velvet Teddy
I purchased this lipstick around the time of the Kylie Jenner nude lip craze and I have so much love for this lipstick. This is the matte lipstick that will most likely outlive any other nude shade in my collection. Whenever I'm unsure on what colour to put on my lips this shade always compliments the look perfectly. It has a smooth application and i dont find it at all drying on the lips. It's long lasting and as it's more of a subtle colour I feel it wears well throughout the day and fades evenly. 

I must admit that I haven't tried many MAC eye shadows as I think there are many more eye shadows on the market that offer better quality at a lower price, however nylon is my ultimate favourite for highlighting my inner corner and brow bone. Just recently I've starting using it to highlight my cheekbones and it works beautifully for that too. Its the perfect yellow tone and I honestly could not go a day without using it. If I were to recommend one mac eye shadow to you it would most certainly be this one.

Pigment in 'Blue Brown'
I cannot say enough positive things about this product. This is one of those rare eye-shadow products that deserves way more love than it gets. The colour is absolutely stunning and with MAC fix plus applies smoothly and with an incredible intensity. I would describe the shade as a medium reddish brown with blue duochrome. Because it's so highly pigmented you only need a small amount which means this product will most likely last me a lifetime. I reach for it regularly and always get complimented on my eye makeup whenever I wear it. 

Paint Pot in 'Painterly'
I would say I've been using this product for just over a year and I could not live without it now. This shadow is a great primer, base or color to wear alone. I apply it onto the lid and all the way up to the brow bone and it brightens the whole area. The formula is super creamy and I apply it with the Zoeva concealer buffer brush and then set it with my face powder. I'm on my second pot now and can imagine I will continue to repurchase it again and again as I've never found an eye primer i love as much as this one. 

Extended Play Mascara
This mascara is absolutely perfect for your bottom lashes as it separates and lengthens. The brush is the perfect size as it is very thin and long which makes it easy to really get into your lashes. It doesn't flake, smudge or get clumpy. I bought this product around 6 months ago and use it almost everyday. It's easy to apply in the morning, lasts all day and is easily removed at night so I would definitely repurchase it. 

Thankyou for reading this post, i hope you enjoyed it! What is your ultimate favourite MAC product, let me know in the comments below. And what brand would you like me to focus on next?

With love,