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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Top 5 Beauty Discoveries Of 2015

Okay, this isn't the most original of ideas, but I couldn't resist. 2015 has been a year of beauty discoveries for me, and so I thought it would be fun to look back on the best of the bunch! After sorting through my collection I realised that this year I have found some products that have soon become staples for me. Here are 5 that I discovered in 2015, and I'm sure I’ll keep on repurchasing…

1. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser- 

Moisturising my skin from the neck down is a real effort for me so this product became a lifesaver this year. The Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser caught my eye several months ago and I purchased it in the hopes that it would help me with my laborious effort to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy. The nozzle dispenses a light spray of milky liquid onto the skin which takes literally seconds to rub in. I like these for in the mornings especially as they are great for a top-up or a quick fix but they aren't as intense as a body butter. The cocoa fragrance is my favourite, but I love the green aloe vera version too. It’s the only body moisturiser I’ll reach for now.

2. Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita- 
In 2015 I found 'my perfect nude' with Nars' Anita. This mid-toned rose with a touch of brown is the perfect shade of my lips; The formulation of the lipstick is a velvety creamy matte that glides on your lips without being slippery, meaning you know it will last. Even though the lipstick is matte I did not find it the least bit drying. The magnetic closure is nice and the packaging is sleek too. 

For ladies who like a dewy, natural, healthy looking skin this foundation is for you. I discovered this product in November which clearly means it has made an outstanding impression on me to be within my yearly favourites; Not to mention I am a foundation junkie, they are my favourite thing to try. First of all the packaging is beautiful, expensive looking and feeling, and comes with a pump which gives you control over how much you use.The coverage is medium and I only use one layer and then set it with my Mac Studio Fix Powder. I apply it with a beauty blender as I find this gives the best finish. It can last up to 9 hours while I'm at work and does not give a cakey finish after it sets. Overall I will most definitely re-purchase this again. 

You could buy the most expensive make-up in the world, but if you're not applying it well, it's never going to look right. A beauty blender is an egg shaped sponge in a hot vibrant pink colour that once becomes dampened with water becomes twice its size. I discovered this product in the summer time after seeing a great deal of Bloggers raving about it and instantly had to try it out for myself. This product has revolutionized the way I apply my make-up as it blends multiple products like concealers and foundation seamlessly. Its the perfect size to work with and blends heavy foundations with an airbrushed finish. Not to mention it cleans easily. Overall this is a must have tool and I don't think I could now live without it. 

I had been eye-ing this product up for ages and finally purchased it last month (I know, another new entry to my collection). I'm a huge highlighter fan and after trying a fair amount over the years, this is my favourite. Especially in winter. It's soft, glowy and if you apply with a light hand, natural. This powder is also quite build-able, so you can always achieve a more dramatic look with it when needed. To start, the packaging is a beautiful brushed metal and once I opened it I saw it had a great mirror (another plus, for on the go). When you first see the powder it looks soft even in the pan. Moonstone is an very light yellow gold, with white gold fine flecks throughout. After applying I looked lit from within, and it accentuated and lifted my cheekbones making my whole face look amazing. I am so so happy I bought this and will be stocking up. 

So, what have been your favourite discoveries of 2015? Let me know. 

Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Current Evening Skin Care Routine

 I have finally found a skincare routine that I'm happy with so here is what I have been using and loving. 
 First of all, let me tell you a little bit about my skin; It's kinda normal-ish, with some dryness around the eyes and nose. I'm actually quite lucky as I very rarely get any spots but maybe that's because of my killer skincare routine. 

In the evening the first thing I apply and muslin off is the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. Ever since I discovered this I haven't looked back! I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I used micellar water to remove my make-up because this is so much easier and takes less time. To use this product you scoop out a little bit with your fingers, massage into dry skin; the soft paste turns to an oil and any make-up you had on will just slide off. I then take a warm muslin cloth and gently wipe away.
Now for the second cleanse. This step is very important and alot of people tend to skip it but its needed to remove all the dirt and grime of the day off your skin. After patting my face dry I apply the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish to my skin and rub in circular motions (this is the perfect time for a mini massage) then remove once again with my muslin cloth leaving my skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. 

Next up is a toner however I don't use one every night, only 2-3 times a week. Toners are important to take the pH of your skin back to normal. I use the Pixi Glow Tonic which is also an acid exfoliant that will remove any dead skin cells from the surface for healthier looking skin. I use a little amount on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. This product instantly help your skin feel clean and nourished and the long-term impact is that your complexion looks and feels more radiant. 
Then I spritz some of my Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist to refresh and lock in any moisture. This product not only feels lovely to apply but also smells beautiful!

Following this I use the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum for a boost of moisture; I apply it onto dry fingertips, spread onto both hands and apply directly to the skin. I love this product because its light, easily absorbs and hydrates well. 

Moving on I use an eye cream and as you can tell I'm a huge fan of the Body Shop Vitamin E range. I apply a small amount of the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream onto my ring fingers and start underneath the eye moving in an anti-clockwise motion up to the brow bone and back round again. I then tap the cream in with a light gentle motion to help it absorb into the skin.  Especially in the winter time my under eyes can become quite dry however this product has helped with that. 
My final step is a moisturiser. I use the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream; this is a great moisturiser and you only need a small amount, it goes on lovely, smells nice, dries quickly and leaves skin really soft. And that concludes my Evening Skin Care Routine!

So my question to you is, what’s your routine? Do you use any products that you think I would love? Let me know.