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Saturday, 10 August 2019

My 20th Birthday

Since my last blog post I have turned a whole year older! I have said goodbye to my teenage years which is a very strange feeling. It seems like I should now be better at adulting without ‘teen’ at the end of my age but I’m hoping I will magically wake on an up-and-coming date feeling like a whole new woman that’s ready to take on the world! 
Today I’m going to be sharing with you what I did to celebrate my 20th birthday! I had a really lovely day and I thought I would write a blog post about it. I’ll be honest in saying that I was unprepared for my birthday this year as it came around so quickly and knowing that I didn’t have a huge party planned and that I hadn't asked for any gifts I wasn't counting down the days to August 8th. As my boyfriend and I are saving for a house we decided not to do gifts this year so instead we had a low budget birthday celebration. With that being said, it was a wonderful day with beautiful weather and great company. 

In the morning we woke up and opened up all my cards in bed. After chilling for a bit we got up, showered and I did my hair and makeup. We then started the day the right way by having a delicious cooked breakfast. 

After breakfast we headed to the lakes on our bikes. We cycled for over an hour exploring the lakes and beautiful surroundings. We came across ducks, geese and swans and decided to feed them some of our picnic which was very entertaining. We sat down for a picnic and I had my little birthday cupcake. The weather was luckily stunning as the rest of the weeks forecast was rain! 
After a wonderful bike ride around the lakes we took our bikes home and headed into town for a walk to grab an ice cream. We walked up the hill to a gelato shop and I treated myself to a tub of mint choc chip. 

Top & Shorts: Topshop
Sandals: Newlook 

We were very grateful to receive a voucher for Zizzis which is where we had our evening meal. We ordered a Garlic bread, Spaghetti Bolognese and Rustica Pizza. After a lovely meal we headed home and watched movies and ate plenty of birthday chocolate. Overall, it was a relaxing and chilled birthday! 

Jumpsuit: Phase Eight 
Shoes: Newlook

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post about my 20th birthday. 
Are you an August baby? Comment below your birth month! 

With love, 

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