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Sunday, 27 March 2016

My Top 5 High End Nude Lipsticks

I think by now you are all aware that I love a good nude lip so in today's post I wanted to share with you my ultimate favourites. Bare in mind these are my high end favourites, if you'd like to see a drugstore version let me know in the comments. But if you like to know my top 5 high end nude lipsticks carry on reading. 

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine- 09 Nude in Private
I initially purchased this lipstick as I wanted a sheer and easy-to- wear lip colour and not to the mention I adore the YSL casing on these lipsticks. These 'Volupte Shine' lipsticks are a great option if you want a wash of colour on the lips with an easy application for everyday use. The formula is amazing and it feels smooth and hydrating almost like a lip balm. It also has a fruity scent which I love and on my lips it comes up as a beige/ peachy nude. I would most definitely try more shades from this range as I love this lipstick and would recommend it to everyone. 

Nars Audacious Lipstick- Anita 
I've mentioned this lipstick a lot and as you all know this is my perfect nude, I honestly cannot rave about this product enough. After trying a Nars Satin lipstick and loving in I wanted to try another Nars lip product and I'd heard many things about this particular shade so i decided to buy it and since then I have never looked back. This is a mid-toned rose with a touch of brown and the formulation of the lipstick is a velvety creamy matte that glides on your lips without being slippery, meaning you know it will last. Even though the lipstick is matte I don't find it the least bit drying. I have several other shades of the audacious lipsticks and they are one of my favourite lip products. The magnetic closure is nice and the packaging is sleek and sophisticated. If you are going to buy one lipstick from this post I would for sure suggest it be this one. 
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine- 54 Boy

This was my first Chanel product so you could say I bought it just for the pretty packaging (which is partly true) however I adore this lipstick. It's not the most pigmented which I don't mind as I feel when I'm wearing a bold eye look I need an understated nude and this is the perfect lip shade for that. It's a sheer 'your lips but better' shade that has a noticeable wash of colour that just brightens up the face and adds that little bit extra to any look. It's moisturising on the lips and it has a glossy finish, overall I would advise a nude lipstick lover to have this product in their collection as it is a must have for me. 

Mac- Velvet Teddy
I couldn't do this post without mentioning at least one Mac lipstick. Velvet Teddy has always been one of my favourite lipsticks and it's very well loved in the blogger community especially and for a good reason as it is a great lipstick. First of all, this lip colour looks beautiful on almost any skin tone and it is a beigey pink colour that I can wear with any makeup look. It looks smooth on the lips and applies easily however after a while I can find it to be a tad drying although that can be overlooked as the lasting power on Mac lipsticks is outstanding. I can wear this product for hours and it still looks the same which I appreciate in a lipstick. All in all I would repurchase this shade over and over again as it is a holy grail product for me. 

Charlotte Tilbury- Bitch Perfect 

After trying and loving so many of Charlotte's products I wanted to try a lipstick and this particular shade has been mentioned a lot by fellow beauty bloggers so I decided to pick it up. I dont normally like peachy nudes however this lipstick looks beautiful on my fair skin tone. It's a light, but not washed out peach beige with a slight pink undertone to it. The finish is a lovely understated shine. The formula feels comfortable and creamy on the lips and doesnt dry them out. It lasts for a few hours and fades nicely so overall I would recommend this lipstick. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments your favourite nude lipstick because a girl can never have too many, right? 


  1. These all look amazing! I love a good Nude Lipstick!

    Happy Easter Sunday (if you celebrate it)

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

    1. Thanks for reading, Happy Easter to you too Katie :)