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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Zoeva Vegan Face Brush Set Review

After purchasing the 'Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Set' my obsession with Zoeva began and since then I have made many a purchase on the Zoeva website. A couple of months ago I decided to pick up the 'Vegan Face Brush Set' and today I am going to be sharing my opinion on these brushes. 

This set of 6 brushes comes in a faux leather pouch which looks just like real leather. The details are great in this bag; it has pink lining and silver hardware. I appreciate that it comes with a pouch as this makes the set perfect for travel. 

Powder Brush-

This is a fantastic large fluffy powder brush which is perfect for applying both loose and pressed powders. I also find this brush great for applying bronzer. The bristles are incredibly soft and it washes simply without any shedding. The bristles are tightly packed yet i can stick get a light application. Overall this is a very pleasant and functional brush to have. 

Buffer Brush-

I absolutely adore this brush and have previously mentioned it in my March favourites post. This brush blends my foundation evenly and leaves me with an airbrushed finish. I dot my foundation all over my face then use this brush to evenly spread out the foundation and I find that this gives great results. This brush makes my foundation application so quick and easy with no streaks, lines or uneven application. The bristles are so dense and soft yet still flexible and it picks up product really easily but doesnt hold it in the brush. If you're looking for a new foundation brush I would definitely recommend this one!

Silk Finish Brush-

Out of all the brushes in this collection I have heard the most about this one from many beauty bloggers and I understand why is has become a cult item. This is a well made brush that blends liquid foundation beautifully; it feels luxurious, washes well and has never shed. I also like to use this brush to apply cream blushers and blend out concealer so it's a multi use item. On my first impression I thought it was very similar to the RT buffing brush however this is much more dense and rounded and I certainly prefer this one. 

Cream Cheek Brush-

This is one of my favourite brushes in this collection and my prefered way of using it it for contouring. The angled shape fits the contours of the cheeks perfectly however this brush can also be used for blushers as well as shaping the face. The size of the brush is great for precise application and it a staple in anyones brush collection. 

Face Shape Brush-

Out of all these brushes this is the one I have used the least however It works well to blend out concealer. Similarly this brush is extremely soft and the head is small which is perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies of the face ie. around the nose, under the eyes. An alternate way of using it could be to blend out your contour. 

Concealer Brush-

I actually own 3 of these brushes because I love it that much; it gives the perfect finish for my concealer and it is very soft and easy to use. I also like to use it to apply my mac paint pot all over my eyelids before beginning my eyeshadow. 

That concludes my review on the 'Zoeva Vegan Face Brush Set'. Overall I really love this set and would recommend it due to the amazing quality at an affordable price. What is your favourite makeup brush? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  1. Zoeva makeup brushes are absolutely amazing, and they're actually such great value for money! And I actually love the little bags they come in... simple things ;)

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com