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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Artis Oval 8 | First Impression

I've been crushing on the Artis oval brushes for the longest time and I finally bite the bullet and purchased one. It was a tough decision choosing which brush to select however I decided to buy the oval 8 as i wanted to use it specifically for foundation application. I ordered my brush from Space N K for £52 which I thought was outrageously expensive however I've heard that this brush allows you to use less foundation as the bristles dont absorb product therefore I'm saving money in the long run (I'll use any excuse to justify my makeup splurges). 

I used this brush alongside the YSL touche eclat foundation and applied 2 small pumps straight onto the brush. My first instinct was to buff the foundation in however they recommend to use it in a swiping motion. The overall appearance and feel of the brush is very luxurious and its bristles are dense yet extremely soft. I found that it distributes foundation very easily and I don't need to go in with my beauty blender to remove any brush strokes. The brush is the perfect size for applying foundation and it makes the process exceptionally fast. I can most definitely see this brush taking over my love for the beauty blender. As of yet I've only found there to be one tiny downside which is that the rubber handle can get dirty so you must ensure to wipe it down to prevent any staining. Other than that I absolutely love this brush and cannot wait to continue using it. 

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet first impression on the Artis Oval 8 brush. Have you tried any Artis brushes, let me know in the comments below?

With love, 

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