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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Elemis Peptide Thousand Flower Mask | Review

Ensuring that you get the right amount of beauty sleep is vital as your body repairs itself during those eight hours, allowing your skin to look it's best. Elemis has created a skincare range specifically for your circadian cycle which works whilst you sleep to reveal a brighter and smoother complextion, giving you the look of well rested skin. I have tried all the products from this range however one stood out to me inparticular, and that's the Thousand Flower Mask, so today I am going to be reviewing this product for you.

The Elemis Peptide Thousand Flower Mask is available at simpsonsbeautygroup.com and retails for £37. The mask comes in a tube which means it's easily dispenced and more hygienic as you're not dipping into a jar. I love the smooth purple gradiant packaging, it's sleek, modern yet practical. 

The mask's texture is unlike anything I've ever felt before. It contains brazillian black clay which allows for a velvety and mousse- like consistency. However, like traditional clay masks, this product does not dry out the skin. The clay works to purify and smooth the texture of the skin, whilst helping to reduce any excess oil. 

The key ingredients in this mask is what makes it unique. The peptide blend is designed to synchronize with your internal clock, releasing the essential ingredients to repair your skin. Lack of sleep disrupts skin's natural recovery process, leading to a dull, dehydrated complexion.This mask helps to restore essential moisture and antioxidants needed for a healthy-looking skin.

It contains nordic peat, developed over thousands of years, which is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to improve skin radiance and revitalise dull, lackluster skin. One fact to be aware of is that the nordic peat can stain, so always use a dark wash cloth to remove. 
Admittedly, you do look a little like you've been cleaning chimney's with this black coloured mask on, but those 15 minutes are worth it for the results that you get. 
After removing the mask, you will instantly feel a nice cooling sensation which leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. 

I find this mask to be one of the most luxurious mask's I have ever tried. The floral fragrance is so calming and the skin appears brighter after just one use. 

This product is a beautiful skin treat and combined with the rest of the peptide range. it's an unbeatable skincare routine. 

With love, 

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