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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Review: Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Kit

I was shopping online for beauty products and stumbled across Zoeva brushes. I had heard quite a bit about this brand from various beauty bloggers which of course sucked me into buying them myself. I am now seriously obsessed with Zoeva and they've fast become one of my favourite make-up brush brands. I used to swear by Real Technique brushes (and I still love them) but Zoevas brushes have blown me away. Before we start, I feel like I am obligated to mention that I am a make-up brush addict so it takes a lot to impress me. Now that's out the way, lets get started. 

To begin, I have had these brushes for 2 months now so I feel as though I have tested them out enough to give you a satisfactory review on whether they are worth the money or not. So lets get the facts out the way; this brush set comes with 12 brushes that are a mixture of synthetic and natural hair. Natural hair works wonders for powder products as they are loaded with texture so you'll get a better application.Synthetic brushes are great to use with liquid or cream products because they wont trap make-up. 

The overall appearance of the brushes are beautiful and the selection is perfect, you get all the brushes you need for any eye look and more. It also comes with a stunning faux leather bag that is perfect for travelling. 

This set is £56.95 which is an absolute steal compared to Mac brushes. I purchased mine from Beauty Bay and got free next day delivery which was a bonus! So I'm going to take you one by one to let you know my opinion on the brush and how I use it. 

Luxe Soft Definer Brush- 227 

This brush is very comparable to the Mac 217 brush that many people rave about, however I don't personally own that brush. This brush does an amazing job at blending products that you've already deposited into your crease to get a defused look. I think its too big to fit into the crease to apply colour precisely however its the perfect tool for creating smooth transitions between eye-shadows. 

Luxe Define Crease Brush- 224

This brush has a completely flat top which makes it great for blending in the outer corner of the eye and also the crease. You can easily add a darker colour and blend it into the crease while remaining precise. This brush gives me an accurate application for producing a cut crease and it could also be used for contouring down the nose or applying powder under the eyes. 

Concealer Brush- 142

Because of it's dome shape this brush is the perfect size for getting into the contours of the eye to apply and blend concealer or powder. As its very dense you could use it to apply cream products onto the eye lid. 

Luxe Pencil Brush- 230

This is your typical pencil brush that has a pointed top and stiff bristles; its not rough on your eyes like some pencil brushes can be. This is another one of my favourites and I personally like to use this to smoke out shadows under the eye to get a nicely blended lash line. 

Luxe Petite Crease Brush- 231

This brush is great for producing a cut crease because of its dome shape which also creates precise application when adding darker colours into the deep crease and outer corner. It could also be used to smoke out eye-shadow on the lower lash-line. 

Luxe Crease Brush- 228 

I think that a fluffy brush is a must have in any make-up brush collection for popping in a transition colour just so you have a base to work with when you are blending your eye-shadows out.This brush is perfect for getting in the crease because of its pointy edge and it also works well to defuse colour because its tapered. If you were to only buy one brush from Zoeva I would recommend this one because its amazing. 

Luxe Smoky Shader Brush- 234

This brush is a complete dupe for mac 239 in fact they are identical. 
I use this brush to pack on lose or pressed eye-shadow onto lid because of how dense it is as a posed to using a fluffy brush which will give you more a defused look on your lids. 

Brow Line Brush- 322

This is wide brush with short bristles which is something you don't typically see but it works ideally to apply eye-shadow on your upper and lower lash line. This brush makes creating the perfect square for your brow so much easier Its nice and firm and the hairs are short which helps the colour apply well into your brows 

Smudger Brush- 226

This brush has packed bristles which works well to apply or smudge shadow or coal liner in the lash-line. You could also use this to conceal or highlight on the brow bone. 

Detail Shader Brush- 237

This small flat shader brush is great for applying details in your make-up like eye-shadow in a certain small area.  It works Great for applying highlighter in the inner corner, brow bone,  or to add eye-shadow very precisely. You could also use it to smoke out the lower lash-line.  

Wing Liner Brush- 317

This brush is very thin which means its easy to create a cat eye look with gel liner however I have been using it on my brows which works wonderfully. The bristles are not too soft or stiff and its thin enough for precise lines. 

Fine Liner Brush- 315

This brush is used for winged eye-liner and is a great brush for someone who's too afraid to use eye-liner as you can get into the roots of your lashes. To be honest I'm still on the fence with this brush. I'm not really an eye-liner girl so this brush didn't really appeal to me anyway. This is a nice brush if you like bent liner brush, I just have to get used to using it. It could also be used to apply lashes. 

Overall I am very happy with my purchase! I have plenty of other eye brushes, but I enjoyed using these so much more so I would say if you have the money to splurge these brushes are totally worth the price. 


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